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Real Safe and reliable on GlobalPubliCash Wesbite

Our unrelenting search for reliable and credible money making avenues has just yielded another milestone. For almost a decade, our website has been known for giving;
1.    Free offline/ online - cheap money making tutorials and job offers
2.    Reliable/ credible, tested/ trusted time proof ways of making a living with little or no investment at all
3.    Free advisory on investment and trading with scam proof tips and scam/ fraud alerts
We are introducing you a programme today. Telling you its is a reliable and consistent source of income is an understatement. In fact, I could not wait to share with our readers and subscribers this new and hot trading/ investment idea with immense opportunity. This programme has three reasons why its considered one of trhe best money making program of 2013- if not the best.
·       It’s cheap start-up
·       Its high profitability even within a few hours - days
·       Its loss proof and low risk
·       Its online and offline work avenues
·       Its flexibility and clarity- you can never be cheated because its fully managed by each MEMBER
 I joined less than 5 months ago to check its reliability and profitability and has so far made a little above $4,140 working averagely less than 1 hour daily without doing anything serious. Just word mouth to friends and families. As for me, I believe in the power of AND- i have never left my Real Estate business since I started this Blog years back. My Real Estate business is the JOB while other streams of income are the AND. Except you learn to have several minute streams of income, your paid job may never make you rich.
“You are tired of these stories? I’m tired myself” I just want you to know the power of having streams of income that gives self reliance. STOP and think twice before reading further. If you have less than 1 friend in this world , less than 1 family member or at least less than 1 number in your phonebook/ diary you cannot succeed in this program. However once you have at least one in these categories, you will surely succeed

This System guarantees worldwide wealth redistribution as it has its footprint in over 220 countries
The program rewards hard work unlike other programs that are out there to cheat you . its a win – win situation. You win and others you introduce also wins.
Its credible and reliable with great income potential a very fantastic risk return ratio- If you did not make 100% profit within 3 days- it means you have less than 2 friends and family in over 220 countries  around the world
The name is ...................... GlobalPubliCash. As the name suggest, it is designed to give Cash redistribution/ reward to willing Public Globally
It comprises of people around the world with same/ similar mindset of growing opportunities giving unparalleled income/money through a pyramid of cooperation in over 220 countries It is the saying that- you can never be rich alone without providing support services and help for others who are in need of them. The windows Microsoft sells /gives help to people that’s why its acceptable - because it is more than needed. As at today, the mostly acceptable operating system is Google Android because it is affordable and above all functional.
This is why GlobalPubliCash requires only $10 one time payment (no hidden charges)to start with a personal guarantee from me that you will make 100% within 3 days.  This is the cheapest and most reliable program I’ve ever seen in over a decade working online. Visit and check start-up capital of programs and you will get a better picture of what I’m saying. 
If you are an ardent follower of this site, you would have seen my red alert to paying for any online program. YES, this GlobalPubliCash is different,  I have tested it and made my money 1000 times to be sure of what I’m giving my readers.
The program is very simple and straight forward. Its about REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH
All you need is introduce 2 people who join with $10 each and you are on your way to financial freedom whoever they introduce down the pyramid gives you money till eternity. Its a win- win situation, you keep making money and whoever you introduce also keeps making money well as he/ she needs to just introducing only 2 people in this big world with over 7 billion people
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This, $10 will surely CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
NB: Remember to use Google Chrome or any other browser that can translate the website from spanish to English if you are an English or French speaker
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This short presentation made from the internet proffessor.

A lot of people especially in Africa are so hungry for money and confused about how to earn basic needs of life which are Food, Clothing and Housing. They are desperate to the extent that they fall into the hands of novice who sells out information to them without evn verifying if the Seller knows anything about how to make money online and if they actually make the money they claimed to be making. To be sincere with you. My experience had shown that they themselve have never made a dime from the info they are giving out. For instance, during my Student days in YABATECH Lagos, I always long for getting a reliable way of making money on the internet without being fraudulent. Searching through Google always give tons of results from bloggers claiming to have made millions of dolars overnight. However, after sevral months, I succumbed to a well written Article which reads “ Make N100,00 in a week doing affilliate Marketing”. To my regret, it was just a simple GLND Advert the blogger used in raking in my N10,000 for the purchase of the useless and wothless E-book.
 Regardless of my N10,000 loss to the blogger, I still went ahead to leran a lot of Online stuffs on my own fortunatelly with the free Internet facilities in YABATECH Classrooms. I learnt creating free Blog, Advertising, Forex trading and so on. My simple watchword is, keep it simply simple (KISS) use free materials, use free spare time and pay less to achieve more. For instance, I made up my mind to continue using free blog services such as webs, blogger and worpress without paying for domain nmae and web hosting services.
Cutting the Story Short, I have learnt, understood, and made legitimate Profit Online. So, I want to show you the ways I used in raking in minimum of $235 weekly from the Forex Market through Stocks Prices without trading forex at all with an initial investment of under$20. You see, when Forex came out a lot of internet marketers came out with the claim that it would make you N150,000 monthly but they refuse to tell you that you have to invest like N100,000 before you can make upto that amount monthly. I want to state it clearly that i trade forex proffessionaly too and even manage people's account but i cannot advise you to trade forex because of the following risks factors.

In forex you need a Domiciliary account for easy payment processing except now that there are various E-payment like Paypal, Liberty Reserve, E Bullion, Okpay, Perfect Money Etc.
The risk in forex is to high for an average man like you to bear since you are juss or possibly a job seeker.
You need a high ammount of cash to start trading forex profitabily and good times on the screen focusing on both Technical, Fundamental and Trader's Sentimental analysis
In forex you need a good market movement to remain in Profit while in Betonmarket only a single pip movement in your direction is what you need to make profit.

I am glad to tell you that you can still make money full time or part time without leaving your day job by just determining currency, stocks or Commodities prices. Its as simple as saying up or down. Visit this link to see for yourself what am talking about. I made nothing less than $435 on the average everyweek from betonmarket alone without considering other streams of income earned on my blog everyday. This was acheived after a long run in the internet searching for reasonable way of making money. Attending seminars and buying
loads of ebooks.
By this time i want you to go over to here and open a virtual account (Practice Account) and start practising money making free of charge.
Under the Startbetting section on Betonmarkes website, we have many types of bet, but i want to really elaborate on RUNBET because that is were i spend my time tapping some cool dolars
from the forex market straight to my savings account in Guarantee Trust Bank wihtout stories. Pls note that betonmarkets is a broker, so you are not betting, they only give you the platform to predict future Currency/ Stocks/ Commodities prices with the Forex market movements.

Now in Runbet there are 3 types of bets which are:
1. Up/Down: Here you predict whether the market will go UP or DOWN after 5 ticks. If your prediction is right you double your stake. i.e if you stake $5 and predict that the market wil go down after 5 ticks, if it does, you get $10 instantly.
2. 10 lucky digit: Here you predict the last decimal number of the market after 5 ticks.  If your prediction is right you get your stake times 10. i.e if you stake $5 and predict that the last number will be 7, if it does, you get $50 instantly.
3. 10% return bet: Here you predict that the last decimal number of the market wil not be a particular number after 5 ticks. If your prediction is right you get additional 10% to your stake. i.e if you stake $10 and you predict that the last decimal number after 5 ticks wil not be 8, if it lands on any other number, you get $11 instantly.

I have created a strategy with 98.99 accuracy for trading on betonmarkets. When i first hit the $200 Weekly, it was like joke, but now im sure its reality.

What ever you need concerning online biz, dont buy it until i say i dont have it in my achive, i'm saying this because i have been buying loads of ebooks and i'm proud to say i have all it takes to succeed online. And now i'm ready to give it out to people who are in need of it. But listen, i am only going to give you the tested ok products. What i mean by tested ok is the products i have tested and they are profitable, the problem i had was the means of touching those money i made, but i thank God for you cause you are the one that is going to enjoy the fruit of my labour as i am able to BREAK THE CODE OF PAYMENT SOLUTION for you.So how can you tap from my years of internet experience, its simple, It simple just send me your address and i forward everything to you. What did i just say, God forbid, there are over 6,000 people reading this report and i make such a statement. No!!! Not so. They wil finish me. Pls i want to select few serious people and bring them up. Beat betonmarkets is worth even N20,000 but if i go that way, only few people wil tap from
my labour, so because i know that particularly you!! cannot afford it, i will give it out absolutelly free for first 50 people to sign up. Note: Im only giving out free trade alert/ Signal for 30 days after which you can decide to continue with the paid version or walk away if not satisfied.To get the free Subscription, Kindly send free Betonmarkets Alert as the subject all in Capital Letters to

In case you have any further enquiry, Just dail 08101026421 or add +234 to the number if you are calling from outside Nigeria.

All these for your Success from the stable of

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Want to make quick money on the internet? there are alot of stuffs you can join othe the internet. However, the easiest or the quikest one with no effort or stress at all is joining a paid to read e mail programmes. The joy of

the program is that its free, esy, no investment, no mlm, no, buying or selling. All you neeed to do is to Sign up 100 % free, tread their ads whenever you are less busy, then see money flow into your account. its  so so simple just like that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

tips to make money on the internet

 Get unlimited streams of income online by doing legitimate online stuffs. make money even while you are sleeping. There is no limit to you income. This will surely be a good step to financial freedom

99% of offers you see on the internet today are scams. You do not have to offer any thing to anybody to start your online business.

The only things you need to do are

    * Determine your passion and area of specialization
    * Get adequate training on the field
    * Design a blog or website using free tools
    * Provide original fascinating content that drives traffic to your site
    * Monetize your websites using adequate media such as Google adsense, Affiliate marketing, other paid ads stuffs etc
    * Repeat the information below and add/ get more information as you progress in you r online business

If you are looking for a proven legitimate online business, you are at the right place. However, there are a number of things you can do to try and establish whether the opportunity is legitimate or a scam. This is not always easy but it is to your advantage to invest some time in researching the opportunity before parting with any money.

There are thousands of scams on the Internet as well as legitimate online home businesses and for new visitors to the Internet the task of trying to distinguish between the two can be very overwhelming.

Often the scam sites look so attractive and offer such great incomes or rewards that it is hard to believe that it is not legitimate, hence the reason so many people fall prey to the scammers.

So one thing to be wary of is those sites that make huge income claims, like earn $10 000 in your first week or month with an online business. This really is totally unrealistic and if that amount is perhaps fives times your current salary, do you really think it is possible to earn such a huge income in such a short period of time with no prior experience with this type of Internet business?

If the online business opportunity is legitimate then it would

not be unreasonable for somebody who has been in the business for a couple of years to be earning a huge income. But be warned that nearly all the business opportunities on the Internet advertise the income of their top earners who have been working hard for a couple of years. They rarely advertise the income of those just starting out in the business. An online business is like any other business, you will need to work hard at building it up over a period of time to produce a good income.

So then do not get carried away with excitement when you find a Website making such unrealistic income claims. The Internet does not have magical powers to enable us to earn magnificent incomes overnight.

You can do legitimate business like going into

 Google adsense

   1. Paid to read emails
   2. Pay to click programs
   3. Affiliate programs
   4. Reseller programs
   5. Information product marketing
   6. Ad posting jobs
   7. Legitimate High yield investment plans
   8. Freelancing jobs 
   9. Writing article for cash
 10. Forex trading
 11. Football betting, odds etc
 12. transcription etc

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Africa is the second largest continent (after Asia with about four billion people) with a population of close to a billion people (about 888,500,000 approx.  as at 2009). The land of Africa covers about 30,065,000 square kilometers with a total of fifty three countries.
Third world as Africa is popularly called is endowed with various human and natural resources including diverse cultures and languages. Nigeria alone has well over three hundred dialects, two hundred and fifty ethnic groups and around two hundred and fifty languages.
In Africa, the two most spoken languages are English and French while the most widely spoken indigenous language is Hausa. Hausa is spoken by many people in countries like Nigeria, Sudan, Mali, Senegal, e.t.c. with well over One hundred and fifty million people altogether (Hausa speaking people)
Although, there are other popular languages in Africa such as Swahili, berber Igbo, Yoruba, Amharic, Nyanja, Bantu, Ewe, Mina, Wolof, Pulaar, JolaFulani, Ijaw, Tsongo, Ibiobio, Nupe, Tiv Bambara, and Creole. Hausa is the most widely spoken indigenous language.
Please do note that, Hausa is a language as well as a tribe found majorly in West Africa. (This is not to say they are not found elsewhere on African soil and beyond)


It’s very difficult to narrate the history of Hausa speaking people comprehensively in a short chapter of this nature. The Hausa speaking people are mostly found in the Northern state of Nigeria with concentration in Kano, Kaduna and Sokoto states. It must however be noted that it is difficult t trace the true origin of the Hausa people even though many attempts were made by Historians to explain through traditions, their origin. . Whatever the case,  it’s certain that at the present Kano City existed the Capital of n Hausa City bearing the same name. Be that as it may, most traditions and historians have ascribed the origin of the Hausas to the marriage of an old legendary hero, a certain Bayajidda Prince of Baghdad, to a certain pre-historic Queen of Daura and their offspring are said to have founded the authentic Hausa States in northern Nigeria. (Hausa Bakwai).
Going by various traditions, especially of the legend (founder of the seven Hausa states) All Hausa states were founded by desendants of Bayajidda. Biram, the son on Babayiddaby a certain princess of Borno, is said to have resulted into fathering the founders of the remaining dynasties. Historians were limited in their contributions as history can only talk on five of the seven original cities. Namely- Zauzau or Zaria, Daura, Gobin, Katsina and Kano.
It is interesting to note that  beside the legend pertaining to the origin of the original authentic Hausa Bakwai, there is another traditionthat tries to explain the origin of the so called unauthentic Seven Hausa states, namely; Zamfara, Kebbi, Nup[e, Gwari, , Yawuri, Yoruba and Koprocofa.
It is by all means believed that despite these rationalized traditions, the Hausa People seem to have been the result of the arrival and gradual integration of waves of immigrants into indigenous communities which later developed into walled cities of northern Nigeria. As earlier said, Hausa language extends beyond the shores of Africa. There is Hausa service of British Broadcasting corporation (BBC), There is also Hausa News delivered on some Broadcasting service in Asia including Korea.

Hausa language is one of the most widely spoken indigenous languages in Africa.
This piece serves to introduce non Hausa living in Africa and people from other continents of the World (Oceania, Asia, South America, North America, and Europe) to the basics of elementary Hausa Language. However, This Article will be tutored from the Nigerian Hausa background. “The World has now become a global village, lets explore this language called Hausa”

latestjobs in nigeria

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 You dont have to give any money to acquire data entry jobs. Like ive been saying in all my previous writing you will never need to pay a single penny, except you desired to be scammed. 

Please take your time to read this tips below

List Of Good Freelance Sites
You don’t have to be an expert to start working online. You just have to know where to look and avoid scam promotions with false promises. You can start by offering services like article writing, data entry or any other jobs that don’t require high technical skills like programming, coding and design. Remember to start small and cheap at first. Do your jobs at half the price an build reputation and trust with everyone you deal with. A returning client is easier to get, than getting a new client. If your clients are satisfied they will come back for more and recommend you to their friends.
  • – so far the largest online marketplace for free lancers and service buyers
  • – offers marketing organizations a wide range of services including consulting, studio solutions, project management, and translation/localization.
  • – another cool marketplace for freelancers.
  • Bidradar – recently merged with and published mostly government-owned jobs for freelancers.
  • CGI Lance – largest marketplace for CGI scripts.
  • – most projects are programming and web design and even technical support for IT-related problems.
  • – custom software development and webhosting for companies outsourcing offshore.
  • - offshore marketplace for web design jobs.
  • Design Quote – a reputable marketplace for graphic and design jobs.
  • – an online marketplace where buyers looking for web development services can receive bids from dozens of qualified service providers.
  • -delivers three outsourced value-added services— integration and implementation for eWork Enterprise 5, business process consulting to streamline contingent workforce business processes, and a comprehensive workforce staffing management service.
  • Freelance Auction – almost all services are offered here.
  • Freelance Auction Network – is designed to bring affordable high quality services to small business owners and provide freelance contractors from around the world a better way to market their services.
  • – a good place for independent professionals, freelancers, and service buyers.
  • Freelance Writers - the best site for non-fiction writers.
  • – the first and best free freelance website.
  • - another great freelance site exclusively for writers.
  • – all services offered and requires all freelancing talents.
  • – available in 7 major European languages.
  • – another freelance site for webmasters and programmers.
  • Getafreelancer – this is my favorite freelance site so far. I am a member of this site and having some decent customers in SEO and writing.
  • – Use’s free service to search for and find freelancers. Post your project. Get free quotes within hours. Outsource your contract work today.
  • – not only a marketplace but also a general classified for job seekers and employers.
  • – huge freelance site for talented people.
  • – a very simple freelance site but has a bigger population.
  • No Agencies Please – is a free freelance site concentrating on programming and design.
  • NUJ Freelance Directory – the biggest freelance job board in UK.
  • is the online market place where buyers can post their projects. Businesses and consultants such as freelance programmers, copywriters etc will bid for the work you outsource and you can select the best one that matches your requirement.
  • – one of the busiest freelance sites.
  • – freelance for php programming.
  • – dozens of programming jobs posted everyday.
  • – marketplace for designers, programmers, offshore companies, and more.
  • – one of the biggest and reputable freelance sites.
  • – big freelance sites with thousands of service providers from India.
Amazons Mturk
Recently amazon has launched a new beta program called Mechanical Turk, where work from home seekers can find job from a reliable source. Take a look at mturk here.
  Hope you enjoyed it. keep making money free. Cheeeeeeeeerrrrsssssss.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

African Reinsurance Corporation latest job in Nigeria

African Reinsurance: Senior Accounting Clerk
African Reinsurance Corporation (AFRICA RE) is an International Financial lnstitution. They are hiring for: Senior Accounting Clerk


Main Duties / Responsibilities
• Posting of cash book and general ledger transactions, preparing periodic reports on Regional operations / the Headquarters and reconciling general ledger accounts,}

Detailed Duties/Responsibilities
• Reconciliation of retrocessionaires’ accounts.
• General correspondence and maintenance of retrocessionaires’ files
• Reconciliation of Barclays Bank Accounts
• Raising and posting of journal Vouchers
• Interoffice reconciliation for all locations
• Maintenance of fixed assets schedules
• Posting of journal vouchers to the GL as they are raised
• Maintaining of inter-office accounts
• Reconciliation of inter-office accounts
• General correspondence on inter-office accounts
• Reviewing of Inputs sheets, payment and receipt vouchers raised by other staff in the department

Minimum Qualifications and Experience
Applicants should hold:
• A level or OND; Baccalaureat (or equivalent)
• 4Years of experience of which 2 years are relevant work experience
• 2 years work experience
• Membership of relevant professional bodies would be an added advantage
• Additional professional qualifications in accounting would be an added advantage,
• Bilingualism (English/French) would be an added advantage.

Additional Requirements for Candidate for This Position:
Applicants must be:
• National of member States of Africa Re;
• At least21arni not more than 35 years old;

Other Information
• Salary and other conditions of service are competitive and comparative to what is obtainable in similar organizations.

Method of Application
Applications, together with full curriculum vitae and one passport size photograph, should be sent to the following address:

The Managing Director
African Reinsurance Corporation
Africa Re Building
Plot 1679, Karimu Kotun Street
Victoria Island
P.M.B 12765
Lagos, Nigeria
Email to:

Deadline: 15th November, 2010

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